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Animal Development

Collections of film clips illustrating the development and birth of animals in the womb

Elephant Embryo model at 3 months gestation. 12 weeks development in the womb.   Elephant Foetus at 4 months gestation in the womb.   Birth Elephant foetus model, 22 months development, 2 years gestation in the womb. Endoscopy of movements in the womb before and during birth.   Film and HD video of Dolphin Embryo development, three months gestation in the womb. Endoscopyof fins tail and blowhole.

Film and HD video of Dolphin at one year, twelve months, gestation in the womb. Endoscopy of foetal movement of tail. Blowhole.   Film and HD video of dog embryo at thirty days development. Four weeks gestation in the womb. Endoscopy of beating heart, brain and limbs.   Film and HD video of dog foetus at six weeks development. 6 weeks gestation. Endoscopy in the womb of limbs, head and yolk sac.   Film and HD video of dog foetus at birth. 60 days gestation. Endoscopy of fur and claws. Birth.

HD video movie footage of models of Emperor Penguin development   HD video library of Sharks. Lemon shark and early stage Tiger shark in the womb.   Special effects HD video of a parasitic wasp inside a caterpillar. Film footage.



Models illustrating stages of development in animal species.

Using models avoids the ethical and practical issues that result from filming live animals.


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