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Movie collections filmed through the microscope.

    Film and HD video of cleavage stages in the mouse ovum and blastula. Stock footage of earliest stage of development of the fertilised egg.   Film and HD video of the gas exchange surface of the lung. Blood flow through the lung. Stock footage.   HD Video library images of red blood cells imaged using Interference Contrast microscopy.   HD video library images from film of contracting muscle fibres imaged with Interference Contrast Microscopy.

    Film and HD video archive images of Mast celss releasing histamine under Interference Contrast Microscopy. Anaphyllactic shock and allergies.   Film and HD video stock footage images of blood monocytes detecting and engufing yeast cells. Phagocytosis of foreign infection by monocytes or macrophages.   Filmand HD video images of cilia transporting mucus.   HD Video images of soil bacteria and mik bacteria photographed using Interference Contrast microscopy.

   HD video images of the sperm, egg and ovarian Fimbriae. Dark field microscopy.   Dark field microscopy of lymph vessels and pocket valves operating.Lymph flowing through lymphatic vessels.   Colourful HD video stock footage of small blood vessels and capillaries. Monocytes and immune cells within capillaries, arterioles and venules.   Interference contrast HD video of capillaries in the frog web.

   High definition video stock footage of HeLa cll growth. Time lapse microscopy of cell division.   HD video stock footage of cells growing and dividing. Time lapse microscopy of cell division.   HD video of  stock footage of nerve cells growing.  Time lapse microscopy film archive of neurite development.   HD stock footage of Chlamydia infection of cells. Film archive microscopy.

   HD video images of muscle cells differentiating fibres. Stock library footage.   HD film archive. video images of cells being infected with a virus and subsequent cell death. Ttime lapse footage of cell growth and death..   HD video library images of cancer cells being killed by chemotherapy drugs. Stock footage showing cell apoptosis in response to chemotherapy agents. .   HD video library images of viruses attacking cancer cells. Microscopy stock footage of therapeutic use of virus particles to destroy cancer cells.


Unusual biology photographed in vivid and contrasting colour.



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