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Unique film collections showing aspects of physiology and how our bodies work.

Film and HD video shots showing blood flow inside arteries and veins. can be used as background plates for computer composites.   HD Video footage in the  chambers of the heart; showing atria, auricles and ventricles.Blood flow through the heart.   Special effects film and HD video shots of Blood and Mesentery in real tissue. Bleeding and hypodermic needle.   HD video macro images of a hypodermic needle penetrating the skin surface.

Film and HD video stock footage of normal Airways. lungs, trachea and bronchii during breathing and coughing.Fluid clearing from lungs at birth.   Film and HD video shots of obstructive airways disease. Lung damage caused by disease. Asthma, and mucus.    Film and HD video shots of alveoli in the lungs during breathing.   Special effects film simulation of sweat and tear ducts. HD video library footage of Apocrine secretion

Film footage inside the Oesophagus. HD Video stock footage inside the Esophagus during swallowing.   Film stock footage in the Stomach and digestion of food.Details of the sphincters and peristalsis.   Film stock footage in the large Intestine Peristalsis and food in the Colon.   Film and HD video footage in the small intestine of the gut. Digestion, bile production and peristalsis in the duodenum, jejunum and ileum.

Film and HD video images of a medical pill camera in the gut. Capsule camera filming intestine wall. Capsule endoscopy.   A collection of HD video images tracking away from the Calyx in the kidney. Urine production od flow down ureter to bladder.   HD video of muscle contraction. Frog gastocnemius and pig intercostal muscles.   Red Blood Cells flowing in a blood vessel. Special Effects footage of model cells.


Film clips illustrating physiological processes such as breathing, circulation, blood flow and digestion.

These special effects shots use real tissue as well as models to create illustrative

footage for broadcast as well as medical and general education.



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