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Stock footage of stages of animal development. HD video Library  images of Elephant, Dolphin and Dog development.Stock footage of stages of human embryonic and foetal development. HD video Library images during first and second trimester. Birth.Stock footage of Human Biology and physiology. HD video Library images of the skin surface, Brain, Ear and Skeleton.Stock footage of mammalian physiology. HD video Library containing moving images of the heart and heart valves, gut details of large and small intestine, lungs, blood and blood vessels.

View all archive categories: Animal Development; Human Development; Human Physiology; General Physiology; Background textures for CGI; Landscapes; Microscopy; Parasite biology

Stock footage of background textures for computer compositing. HD video Library images of molten and organic surface textures.Stock footage of unusual landscapes and natural phenomena. HD video library moving images of Geysers, mud pools, volcanic landscapes, ice and icebergs.Stock footage microscopic film of human and animal physiology. HD video Library images of cell division, mitosis, neurites and nerve cells, monocytes and macrophages, blood and capillaries. Moving images of Bacteria, cilia and blood cells.Stock footage of Parasite biology. HD video library images of nematode larvae.


The David Barlow Special Effects Film Archive is a unique film and video library. It contains a collection of moving images photographed by award winning cinematographer David Barlow.

Winner of an Emmy, The Lennart Nilsson Award and three Royal Television Society Awards, David has filmed for the BBC, National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel and many others.

David specialises in scientific photography as well as in shooting special effects sequences using miniature models. The footage in this library combines these two areas of expertise and has appeared in TV series such as the BBC's "Human Body" and National Geographic's "In the Womb" and "Naked Science".

Clips are organised in a heirarchy of subjects and topics in the following categories: Animal Development, Human Development, Human Biology, Physiology, Parasitology, Microscopy, Landscapes,

The final category is Computer Effects, Elements and Textures. which contains various textures for use in computer graphics and compositing. As the film library grows, this will contain a number of elements including blue screen elements and miniatures.

About the Archive

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Clip: 022004-CT01C013 The start of a simple neural network from growing neurites.

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