Models of the Human Foetus at 36 Weeks

Single Baby Collection 013005 Single Baby Collection 024007 Single Baby Collection 024005Single Baby Collection 024013 Twins and TripletsTrans-illumination 36 Collection 024006Trans-illumination 36 Collection 013010 Twins and Triplets T-I Afro-Caribbean Afro-Caribbean SidelightAfra-Caribbean Birth T-A Afro- Caribbean023005-A008C002 Ceasarian 014005 Ceasarian 023005Sim Foetoscopy 2

A number of collections showing the human baby just before birth and during the muscular contractions of the womb during labour. The collections show both caucasian and afro-caribbean ethnicity as the pigmentation of babies occurs in the final stages of development just before birth. The shots also cover twins and triplets. 

The models have been filmed in different lighting styles for use in different narrative scenarios.


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